Teen Pregnancy Essay

Bri Valentini

ENG 102


Writing Assignment #3

Teen Being pregnant

Among the industrialized nations, america has certainly the highest level of young pregnancy. (Finer) Teen pregnancy has been a developing issue for many years, but recently has become a very popular trend. The situation effects not merely the pregnant teen, yet both teenagers parents, each of our government/society, and the most importantly your child itself. There are numerous negative effects regarding this issue, yet people nowadays seem to remember to brush it off because of just how society sights teen motherhood as a whole. В A major factor of teen pregnancies includes the adolescence way of thinking. The human human brain does not reach full maturity until by least the mid-20s. Which means that many of these teens' brains have never fully produced until regarding age twenty-five on average. (Finer) Some of these regions of the brain afflicted include the frontal lobe, or perhaps decision-making section of the brain. Because of this still producing region with the brain, young adults decision-making is definitely altered especially when involving drugs or alcoholic beverages. Many teenagers are well known for not considering the consequences of their actions and doing what exactly they want in the moment without considering what the results will be afterwards. Regarding this, one of the major implications that teenagers do not consider when selecting to have unprotected sex include the health risks not just in the teen, but for the baby too, once pregnant. On the normal, teen pregnancies are more expected to result in low-birth-weight babies and premature births. This is because pregnant teenagers often do not obtain the timely prenatal care needed. Because the body of a teenage is still growing, there is much higher risk for birth defects. Early birth and low beginning weight build a wealth of their particular problems, which include brain harm, physical disabilities and more. The potentially extended hospital stay and increased risk of health problems for these babies leads to more stress for the teen mother. A...

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