The Crucible Essay

" Never become a gentleman of accomplishment but rather make an effort to become a man of value. ”-Albert Einstein Einstein's thougts are usually found in the play simply by Arthur Burns, The Crucible. In The Crucible, many personas are asked to bargain their honesty in exchange for his or her lives. Ruben Proctor was one such figure, but this individual refused to give up his ethics. He desired to die with a name inside the eyes of some other villiagers. One other of this individual main heroes, Abigail Williams, displays a complete lack of integrity. She lies and secrets and cheats so that the lady can get precisely what she wishes with no consider for the safety of the other character types.

During the perform, John Proctor, a farmer, is faced with a decision that would ultimately cause his loss of life. John Proctor displays his integrity in many tough situations throughout the perform. Proctor is definitely arrested about charges of witchcraft together with his wife, Elizabeth. The people which can be arrested intended for witchcraft live if they confess, yet hang if perhaps they reject the charges, even if the charges are certainly not truthful. This plays a crucial part in the testing of John's integrity later in the play. At the start, we find out that Proctor had an affair with the niece of the area reverend, Abigail Williams. This displays an absence of integrity for John, but nobody is aware of it till later. John shows his integrity when he confesses to the affair later on in the play. At the beginnig of the perform, the Proctor's want not any part inside the witch trials. They obtain dragged into the proceedings when ever Abigail accuses Elizabeth of injuring her which has a voodoo girl doll. John provides integegrity if he tries to conserve his wife from staying hanged. This individual gets depositions from others in the town that demonstrate how good his wife was. He provides Mary Warren, who was employed in the Proctor house, confess that your woman was the one who made the doll and stuck the needle in it. That is not work even though, and Mary turns on Proctor and gets him imprisoned. When Proctor is in jail, he displays his integrity once again....