The Struggle of the Alamo Essay

The Battle in the Alamo

I would like my market to learn more about the Battle with the Alamo of 1836. The Battle from the Alamo was obviously a very important function in American history, in addition to the Tx Revolution.

Guide: There were various battles that had been very important inside the Texas Revolution, but none of them had been as important as the Alamo. The Alamo is known as a story of men setting up their lives against superb odds to defend their region, and will stay in our record book's permanently. Transition: Initially I want to cover..........


The Texas Trend

Integral Policies led by leader Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna Incited many federalist's to rise ? mutiny in 1835 consisting mainly of American foreign nationals. Santa Anna begins to collect a large armed service.

Most of Santa claus Anna's troops were raw recruits who had been also required to fight. About 1, 500 soldiers begin to gather right away.

The Texians establish a garrison with the Alamo Objective. A former The spanish language religious outpost that was converted to a makeshift fortification. Described by Santa Anna as an " Abnormal fortification barely worthy of a name. ” Designed to endure native problems, not episodes from a great equipped military services. Disorganized Texian Army

The Alamo was undermanned, and under-provisioned.

Commanders were constantly requesting reinforcements and supplies but the messages were not received on time. Four diverse men believed to have control of the entire army. Transition: Let's move onto to..........

The Struggle of the Alamo

The Philippine army occurs

One Texian soldier stationed at a local cathedral bell tower noticed Texian soldiers scrambled to their positions to get ready for battle By past due afternoon of February twenty third, the town of Bexar managed 1, 500 Mexican troops. Almost found the Texians by surprise.

Starting Skirmishes

Mexican army founded 3...