SWOT Analysis of South west Airlines Essay

Swot Examination

Southwest Airlines have many different strengths. They can be very well known for the friendly staff and excellent customer satisfaction. More persons choose to travel with southwest because of this there is a high volume of their consumers return. South west Airline provides one of the least expensive ticket rates in the industry. As a result of short journeys Southwest can cut frill costs. They also have an increased capacity of usage; almost all the car seats are always stuffed. They have very flexible hours even though most of their employees are unionized. Southwest Flight companies also have some weaknesses. Contrary to some of the different airlines they do not offer worldwide flights yet. Southwest is fixed to a limited amount of cities when compared to its opponents. Another some weakness is that they include a heavy dependence on a single aeroplanes, which is the Boeing 737. They also might not have segmentation on their aircrafts, that they only one course. The company likewise suffers since it does not have a lots of cargo space. There are several options that Freebie southwest offers such as international expansion. Longer airline flight will also be presented from this. Better use of the net for marketing and ticketing. Southwest introducing fresh plane technology, such as the Dreamliner, will increase flights. They can also improve their customer support and worth. Threats that Southwest Flight companies face are things like gas price and operating cost increase. One more issue is usually new competition, such as Jetblue and Airtran offering identical services. There can be a decline of leisure time travel as a result of terrorism or a depressed overall economy caused by downturn. An increase in federal government regulation also can hurt the company.