Storm on st. kitts Essay

Thunderstorm on the Island

The extract I've in front of me personally is a poem by Seamus Heaney. Heaney is a great Irish poet person who spent my youth in countryside Ireland. His poems frequently deal with years as a child, farm lifestyle, politics and traditional tradition in Northern Ireland. The poem I've is called Storm on the Island. Heaney's poem explores the power of mother nature and the effect it has on people's lives. This is conveyed through Heaney's use of brilliant imagery, representation, caesura and enjambment.

The poem is usually structured in nineteen lines and one stanza in blank passage, this gives the result of the scale the thunderstorm. In applying one stanza the reader understands the nature of the storm since it is represented by one stanza. Through the use of empty verse/iambic pentameter, Heaney gives the poem a conversational sculpt.

Heaney uses second person present tense to include the reader, " we” as well as dealing with the reader straight, " as possible see” and " you know what I mean”. The use of specially pronouns make the poem even more personal plus the reader may relate to the Islanders.

The poem starts with an affirmation " we are prepared”, followed by a colon which will emphasizes the islander's readiness for the inevitable.  They build their very own houses 'squat'. ' Squat' implies to cower or perhaps crouch, and thus assumes a protective good posture. The house is designed to function this way. The walls happen to be set with solid mountain, the house is usually roofed in 'slate' as well as the stage is placed for the ideal life. The sibilance reephasizes the way the residences are built to face up to the thunderstorm

There is representation of the earth on line several ‘the wizened earth' showing the earth is additionally intelligent enough to know that hay will not likely grow or perhaps be able to endure the power of the wind, so it is never to be seen on the island. The idea of it becoming wizened indicates that maybe hay tried to increase, but this is soon offer an end by the brutality of the elements. Trees and shrubs are also lack of, emphasizing how powerful the winds must be. The image from the...