Essay about Smoking While Pregnant

Cigarette smoking During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the many miraculous, exciting, and scariest times within a woman's life. It is a time to grow and connect with a child growing inside her, but what a few women are not aware of is that choices she makes while pregnant can affect her unborn baby in negative techniques. Teratogens which can be " any kind of environmental agent that causes destruction during the prenatal period” (Berk 65) are a frightening truth that every fresh mother must be aware of. Teratogens include alcohol consumption, taking prescription and non prescription drugs, light, pollution and many more things a lady might consume or be exposed to while pregnant. One of the most prevalent things girl do whilst pregnant and do not realize the consequences it can have on her uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived child is smoking cigarettes. Tobacco smoking while pregnant can have damaging effects on an unborn child in the tummy, after delivery, and many years later if the child can be older. Smoking tobacco has become linked with a lot of the complications a normal, healthy and balanced woman experiences during pregnancy. If the mother cigarettes cigarettes when pregnant the lady greatly raises her odds of a losing the unborn baby. " Smoking during pregnancy-particularly beyond the forth month-is hazardous. It is often linked to some 115, 000 miscarriages… a year” (Eisenberg 54). Losing the unborn baby is not the only danger to a expanding fetus plus the mother. Smoking while pregnant is also connected to major complications during pregnancy such as vaginal bleeding, abnormal placenta societe, premature parias detachment, and early delivery (Eisenberg 54). Just understanding of all these dangers that can happen during pregnancy is anything every fresh and expecting mother should be aware of, not only for her own wellness, but for the health of here baby. When a pregnant woman decides to smoke throughout her pregnancy the girl than needs to not only be worried of the issues she and her baby may knowledge during her three trimesters, but also of the...