Research Project Essay


My fellow teammates and I consider there is a chance for the university to boost the current program access program. This is of course in reference to ‘my blackboard'. The condition with the current system is that this does not satisfy the various requirements of Exito University students. This could be attributed to three key areas, appearance, usability and too little of features. There are various reasons why this topic is worthy of research, which all relate back to the three crucial areas. First of all, the usability of blackboard is essential with regards to students overall performance, if students struggle to access essential details they may be susceptible to missing classes, tutorials or at worst, tasks. Secondly, enhancing the overall appearance and highlights of blackboard can accordingly increase the overall satisfaction of pupils. It can be believed that one from the university's key goals is usually to provide the students using a quality support, so it's logical for the blackboard to work congruously recover goal. The final reason why this challenge compels research is to reveal what opinions and ideas students have about how blackboard must be run. This allows for qualitative insights in the users regarding problems as well as opportunities to get the system. Interview Guide

1 ) How do you at the moment access content?

2 . What do you think are the most effective thoughts on the existing web version of blackboard? How satisfied are you together with the usability of blackboard?

Just how satisfied are you with the current features of blackboard? How satisfied are you with all the appearance with the current version?

3. What is the opinion about bringing out a new blackboard application?

4. What features do you think are important for a blackboard application How important is the ease of access of blackboard to you?

Essential is the presence of blackboard to you?

a few. How very likely would it be for you to use the new blackboard software if it was introduced and what method would you use?

6. Will you pay for a blackboard app?

7. Perhaps there is any other thoughts or tips you would like to put?

Thank you for your time and energy.


The interviewees I chose all distributed common characteristics. All interviewees were in their second season of, learning commerce. Almost all students had marketing because either generally there major or minor. Two were man and two were woman. It was a tactical decision to choose second year students for two significant reasons. First of all, 1st 12 months students haven’t yet recently been at the college or university for a complete semester, this means they have only had to cope with 4 papers on blackboard.

This kind of differs from 2nd season students who have now dealt with 12 papers on blackboard and thus obtained a greater understanding of the pros and cons of the system. The second point holds as much excess weight as the first. third year commerce students are now in their best year of study this may predispose the interviewees into a careless frame of mind considering virtually any changes that could be made might only help them for starters semester.

Analysis Of Research

The need for a blackboard application

Following analyzing the qualitative selection interviews the most essential point elevated was the need for a blackboard application. Firstly all participants were enthusiastic about the introduction of a blackboard application. Interviewee one particular claims " it's a good idea as it will make blackboard more accessible”. Interviewee some even should go, as significantly to say that he would love for they're to be a credit application and would " use it every single day”. This point is usually further validated when almost all respondents response in the same manner when ever asked essential the convenience of the application is to these people. This query probes the interviewees so they really cannot digress from what they really need from the application. Interviewee 1 shown some factors revolved about accessibility, saying that it's necessary to " get room improvements, test areas allocations, your entire grades, and tutor...