Essay in Prepaid Energy Meter


1 . SUMMARY OF EASY RE-CHARGING SYSTEM FOR ENERGY M: Power sector players have made many initiatives and put in considerable cash and resources in creating strategies for bettering collection performance, however these have seldom yielded encouraging results. Metering is one of the significant technical problems impacting the gathering efficiency of power firms. Currently, just one or two percent of power yards installed in India happen to be electronic & rest are electromechanical.

Generally, the inmiscuirse reading is taken monthly by the field executive in the distribution organization. The human mistakes involved in number of bills & old digital & electromechanical type of meters together have resulted in poor metering, efficiency, zero metering, faulty studying, bribing ammenities executives to charge less units & tampering with the meter to clock all of them reverse.

Over the last few years, prepay energy inmiscuirse has been proposed as an innovative solution targeted at facilitating cost & minimizing the cost of programs. This device, essentially, requires the users to cover the electrical power before the consumption. This way, consumers carry credit & then use the electricity before the credit is exhausted. If the available credit is tired then the supply of electricity is cut off by a relay.

Individuals who support the diffusion of prepaid metres claims that they can benefit both consumers and utilities mainly because they support users to consume more efficiently & to improve the management of their budget, although allowing organization to reduce financial costs in addition to the cost of operation. The main reason for the job work should be to design and develop a wireless Energy inmiscuirse, which can be integrated in big industries and large commercial processes.

1 . a couple of BLOCK DIAGRAM:

[pic] Fig No . 1 . 2(a): Prevent Diagram of the Home Side Unit

Fig No . 1 . 2(b): Block Diagram of EB Office/Recharging Level Side Product


The block picture consists of the following blocks:

в–Є Power Supply

в–Є Microcontroller

в–Є RF Transmitter

в–Є RF Receiver


в–Є Relay Product

в–Є LCD Display

в–Є Regler

в–Є Decodierer

Power Supply:

It is supply voltage on this project. The energy supply module output volts is regulated 5v constant direct current if the domestic power will on. So here origin voltage can be connected to entire positive and negative lead of entire circuits. It includes step down transformer, complete wave changer along with filter capacitor, regulated processor chip and indication circuit.


The microcontroller used is 8-bit AT89C52 microcontroller & it is the main heart of our task. The control will get and latch the data coming from external circuit for each time cycle when execution period. Here time clock and totally reset module is connected to controller chip.


LED'S will be special diodes that produce light when ever connected within a circuit. They are really frequently used because " pilot” lights in electronic kitchen appliances to indicate whether the circuit is definitely closed or not.

LCD Display:

We have utilized 16x2 charters LCD. The primary purpose of applying LCD is usually to display the instructions, results & contents of the microcontroller.

Relay Unit:

A relay is an electrically operated change. Current going through the coil of the relay creates a permanent magnetic field, which usually attracts a lever and changes the switch connections. The coils current could be on or perhaps off so relays have two swap positions plus they are double chuck (changeover) buttons.

RF Transmission device:

This module uses the thought of ON-OFF keyed (OOK's) modulation. Local oscillator is based on PLL (phase-locked loop). The module is substantial...