Phrases and six Analysis Steps to interpret a graph

How to choose information in the Bar Graph?

The task requires you to create 150 words and phrases in total, and one sentence contains about 10 to 15 phrases. We can estimation that the description with the Bar Graph will be constructed from 10 to 12 phrases. For the sake of this example, let’s say our description will probably be made out of 10 sentences.

We can now assign each sentence in your essay for a particular task:

  • One sentence for advantages.
  • Two sentences while using superlative.
  • A word with a evaluation.
  • A sentence collection two info points since they are similar.. ­
  • A sentence observing an exception. ­
  • A sentence describing some data in advanced manner.
  • A phrase describing your data in a typical fashion.
  • Two phrases for summary.

Note that these kinds of sentences don’t necessarily need to go in this particular order. You need to write these questions way which makes your Pub Chart description flow the natural way.


Although this lesson is particularly aimed at students taking the academics version with the IELTS exam, all college students at an advanced or advanced level will discover the information effective, especially learners that are consideringBusiness British.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 is actually adescription activity. You’ll certainly be given aline graph, abar graph, apie graph and or chart, or possibly atable, and you are tested on your capacity to interpret the info that is provided in that and explain this in your words.

From time to time you will have aplanor amovement chartand may need to illustrate the stages of the procedure or just how something works. We is going to explain even more about this in another lesson but also for now we will focus ondescribing styles.

Advertisements Important Language for Chart and Charts

The IELTS academic writing task 1 asks test takers to study a number of charts and summarise the data by selecting and reporting the main features, & make side by side comparisons where relevant.

To conclude (or summarise- the United kingdom spelling) means to give a brief account of the extremely important factors or popular features of a doc or conversation. Do not just repeat the exact terms of the graph and or chart or guidelines. Express the main ideas that you really need words.

To pick is to choose. Relevant means related to the purpose. (So you should help to make comparisons if the chart reveals contrasting info. )

Evaluation 5: Evaluate trends

Finally we can establish hypotheses the way the data is related. These kinds of hypotheses have to be questioned and assessed.

In our example…

A)Mice eat kestrels. Therefore there are many kestrels when there are fewer mice.

  • According to the diagram this is possible. But: We know that mice do not take in kestrels.

B)The kestrels quest the rats. Therefore generally there can only be considered a lot of rodents when there are fewer kestrels.

  • Rats are common food to getkestrels. This hypothesis could be right.

C)The Rats hide in the kestrels. When ever there are many kestrels to see, all of us cannot observe many rats.

  • Food animals generally shelter using their hunters. As well this speculation could be correct.

D)The relation between sightings of kestrels and mice is only a translucent interconnection. The amounts of sightings possess very different reasons.

  • Very often there are just translucent cable connections. There can be many reasons why Mr. Varney sights a certain volume of animals annually. Also this hypothesis could possibly be correct.

Graph: Number of Antidepressant Mentions intended for Various Age Groups Over Time

x axis- horizontal; y- up and down. Remember to research the title and labels in the x and y axes carefully to make certain you understand the actual graph is showing as well as the size of the effects.

This data illustrates the gradual increase in mentions of antidepressant prescription drugs during trips to outpatient departments between 1993 and 2000.

The y axis shows the number of outpatient trips and the back button axis shows the period of time (in this case years) of the examine. The coloured lines signify different age ranges.

For most age ranges there is a minor upward tendency between 93 and 2k in the volume of visits with mentions of antidepressant medicines. Between 95 and 98 there was a steeper increase in drug mentions for people over age 66.

However , the quantity of mentions was highest at all times for the age group by 45-64 years old. There were somewhat fewer brings up for the over sixty five group, but still fewer for folks aged 18-44. People under 18 acquired far fewer mentions.

Launch Phrases

Generally ESL college students start their essay with‘The chart shows…’.When this is fine, the action-word‘shows’could possibly be replaced by a more thrilling and high-level vocabulary word. Here are several different requires to start your essay:

  • The graphillustratesthe trends in…
  • The graphrevealsinformation about the alterations in…
  • The graphgivesthe differences between…
  • The graphpresentsjust how X is promoting over a period of…

Suggestion: DO NOT write down thier word below or over in your introduction. i. at the.The chart above/below shows…

So what’s the difference between a desk and a figure anyhow?

Tables present lists of numbers or perhaps text in columns and is used to synthesize existing books, to explain parameters, or to present the phrasing of survey questions. They are also used to produce a newspaper or article more legible by taking away numeric or perhaps listed info from the text message. Tables are usually used to present raw info, not when you want to show a relationship among variables.

Numbers are aesthetic presentations of results. They are available in the form of graphs, chart, drawings, photos, or roadmaps. Figures present visual influence and can efficiently communicate most of your finding. Typically, they are utilized to display trends and habits of relationship, but they can also be utilized to communicate procedures or display complicated info simply. Statistics should not copy the same details found in dining tables and vice versa.

Describing Trends, and the Charge (speed) or perhaps Amount of Change

An increase means to increase or surge. A reduce means to drop, fall, drop, or fall.

(Increase and minimize are also verbs. The range of mentions improved over time. ) Verb varieties ending in ed or perhaps ing can be utilized as adjectives. (Increasingly can be an attributive form. )

Examples:There were steadily increasing mentions of antidepressant medications between 1993 and 2k.

Mentions of antidepressants were more and more common for people of most age groups over time.

No age bracket showed reduced mentions of antidepressants throughout the period analyzed.

You can call a little change small, minor, insignificant (unimportant) or a slow increase or decrease. If it is a sizable or fast change, also you can describe that as sharp, major, large, or significant or a rapid increase or perhaps decrease.

Occasionally there is very little change: the specific situation is secure. Other times there is absolutely no single pattern up or down, although fluctuations: a line that goes up and down, in that case up once again, like dunes.

How do I solution an IELTS writing process 1?

To analyse this kind of, we’ll look at a range graph. Look at the following issue and the chart.

You should use about 20 minutes within this task.

The line chart below shows changes in the quantity and sort of fast food consumed by Australian teenagers from 1975 to 2000.

Summarize the information by opting for and reporting the main features and help to make comparisons where relevant.

Write in least one hundred and fifty words.

You will find three simple things you have to structure an IELTS producing task 1 .

  1. Bring in the graph
  2. Provide an overview
  3. Give the detail

We’ll check out each of these subsequently.