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Ruth Wakefield invented the peanut butter cookie inside the early 1930's. The phenomenal cookie was an accident. Wakefield thought that all by adding a few chips via a Nestle chocolate pub would make the cookie dough like a delicious chocolate cookie, not only a chocolate chip biscuit.

Ruth Wakefield graduated from Framingham State Usual School Department of Home Arts in 1924. The lady was a dietician and lectured on meals. Wakefield then went on to open a holiday lodge called the Cost House Resort with her husband. The creation in the famous cookies was in the Toll House Inn.

Ruth was making a batch of cookies somebody and observed she was out of bakers candy. She thought that all by adding tiny pieces of a Nestles partially sweet delicious chocolate bar, the chocolate will melt and make the cash more candy. This biscuit was a lot of money of incident. When the lady gave her mistake towards the customers, that they loved these people. They were known as Toll House Crunch Cookies. She wear them the menu and they became a huge strike!

The cookie became very popular if the Boston newspapers published the recipe. The sales at the Toll Residence Inn travelled up so did the sales with the Nestle chocolate bar. Once Betty Crocker made the recipe on her behalf T. Versus. show, it has become known throughout the nation. After that, Nestle started selling these cookies to the public in 1940.

In the 1940's Ruth sold all protection under the law of the cookie of to Nestle. That they lost the trademark privileges in courtroom and now Cost House may be the descriptive name for them. At this point chocolate chip cookies are made globe round and there are many different variations. Nestle chosen to make a brandname of candy chips with Toll Residence on them. They are really known as Nestle Toll Residence Semi Sweet Chocolate Potato chips. They have the initial recipe on the back. Nestle still has their chocolate bars but they are at this point scored therefore it is easier to cut into small pieces. They were made especially for the recipe and have that...