Myiragongo Eruption Essay

1 . What: What plate boundary is it near? Great Rift Valley in Africa, which can be the splitting of the Photography equipment plate. installment payments on your What type of volcano was it? StratovolcanoВ in theВ Virunga MountainsВ associated with theВ Albertine Rift. 3. Wherever: Where is definitely the volcano located? It is located insideВ Virunga National Park,. 5. in theВ Democratic Republic in the Congo, about 20В km north of the town ofВ GomaВ andВ Lake KivuВ and just western of the border with Rwanda. В your five. Where did the people maneuver for safety? Rwanda, fled from the city 6. The moment: When made it happen erupt? 18th of January 2002 by approximately 9. 30 am 7. For what reason: Why achieved it erupt? Tectonic plate's activity made surface to break and help to make lava stream from floor fissures from the crater lava lake. 8. Who: Who were the people hurt or dead? В 70 people were killed 9. Who performed the disadvantages and advantages happen to? Natives: lost residence, business and everything belonging to them but will recover from government money and contribution Federal government: pay for accidents, safety, restoration of property, homes and needs of natives 10. Just how: How high is the hill? 3, 470 m

eleven. How often had this erupted? regarding 34 moments

12. Just how many passed away in the eruption? 70 people at least

13. How performed the cons and positive aspects happen by it? drawback: 14 villages in ruins, Pegamento 80% complexes destroyed or burned, simply no communication or perhaps electricity, loots in empty areas, advantages: Lands become more fertile, people get funds from authorities to reboot and build homes PFP: Advantages: Location and near dish boundaries, sort of volcano, when eruption occurred, how extra tall is it. Primary: Why did it erupt, past few eruptions, people- death, expulsion, safety, pros and cons? Conclusion: Summarize all the details

Essay: The mt Nyiragongo volcano was obviously a very dangerous type of stratovolcano about 3470m tall inside the Virunga Mountains associated with the Albertine rift, in Africa. It was located near the platter...