Mahendra Dissertation


Roll Not any: F1213038

Training course: MFM

Subject matter: Strategic Management

Teachers: Ms. Chavan

Topic: Eyesight & Mission Statement intended for Air condition Mfg Industry

Date: 21st January 2015.


To come first in Customers Brain as the Most Dependable Air-conditioner Brand

To evolve a brandname with importance and to end up being the known performance leader of the Of india air conditioning market.  Being a performance head means we will attain operational brilliance, industry-leading customer satisfaction and outstanding financial performance. �

Organization must be a little more than a services and unit installation business yet a business that produces a difference in lives of its co-workers and community.


To Play a role in society by providing the most advanced air-con solutions, assure continues customers satisfaction Each of our goal for Cruise will be the most respected Indian HVAC company through innovation, lean manufacturing and encouraging the use of successful air conditioning within an honest, trustworthy, reliable and an environmentally sound manner.

Dedicated to featuring the best customer support and comfort solutions to the communities in the Permian basin.

Dear Group Frontrunners,

Good Morning.

Please be aware the beneath questions with the Business Ethics assignment that we get to submit to Prof. Bapat Sir on 3rd Feb. � This was announced in  class yesterday. �

Q1. Elaborate a situation in the

i) Personal life and

ii) Specialist life

where you had undergone a great Ethical dilemma and describe how you responded. �

Q2. Dhirubhai Ambani used to declare ' We live the Bhagwad Geeta'. Elaborate which will aspects of his life stand true to his statement. �

Note: -The assignment should be handwritten SIMPLY. Length of each answer needs to be 4pgs(min). Though the quality of the answers will be considered essential than just the amount.          �

I implore you to circulate this kind of among the respective Members.