Magneto: Leading man or Bad guy? Essay

Magneto: leading man or Bad guy?

When we think about villains there are many that quickly come to mind. Intended for Batman there is the Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor while his wonderful revel, and Spider-Man battles the Green Goblin. Yet simply no other persona is as complex as the X-Men's bad guy, Magneto. Via they beginning of the comedian series there's not recently been a person that provides crossed the line between leading man and bad guy as much as Magneto. Even though this individual has helped and kept the X- men upon several situations. What nonetheless makes him the bad guy? Along recover, why is Wolverine a main character when he contains a bad frame of mind and eliminates more people then Magneto?

When you start speaking about Magneto you have to start at first his story. As a young child he is place in a concentration camp. While in the camp he lives through the challenges that everyone had to deal with. In the end of his stay, he was shot and then dumped in a mass grave, a lot of how he managed to live. He then spider out of the grave and was able to escape to freedom. Because an older person he recognizes the way the regular people are dealing with the mutants and concerns that it will result in an all out war.

To halt this warfare Magneto fells that he must take certain steps. The steps are such things as taking over the world and becoming the great dictator. This can be the first explanation that he is known as a bad guy. When villains are brought up, their strategies usually contain taking over the earth, so it's no real surprise that Magneto would want to the actual same thing.

While the steps he wants to have are completely evil, how Magneto should go about doing them are not. When he kills someone, this usually can be described as person that wanted to harm him. One example on this is in X2: X-men usa, when Magneto is breaking out of jail he must kill the guard to acquire the components of metal that was concealed his bloodstream. One could say that the shield had that coming mainly because that was your same the one which would conquer Magneto at any time Stryker might come and visit. Proper...