Essay about G671 REVISING NOTES

п»їUnit G671 revision notes



Gender= socially constructed (construction of masculinities / femininities) Parsons: men are instrumental, women are expressive

Stanley and wise: that they question the view outside the window that male or female is socially constructed. Behaviors are attached to how we happen to be brought up plus the influences about us Femininities:

Blackman – study wc young ladies assertive

Passive: classic / stereotypical views on just how women ought to be and act Jackson: normative physical appearance is key

Seidler: questioning (Asian girls living double lives)


Connell = 4 types

Hegemonic: man supremacy, heterosexuality, aggression, laddish behaviour (normally wc men) Nayak: body system capital research

Archer: feminists argue that we cannot say there exists one hegemonic masculinity, you will discover more Paul Willis: males and earoles study

Mac and Ghail: valiente lads – no manufacturer jobs ever again

Knutson: some boys at college don't analyze as they wish to look " cool” Burdsey: Asian footballers want to slip in

Complicit: new man, they take up a distributed role in the family

Marginalised: loss of masculinity, unemployed males

Subordinate: gay men behaving in another way to the objectives of the dominating hegemonic masculinity Creation and reinforcement:


Ann Oakley sunglasses sale: cannalisation, mental appellation, gadgets and activities, primary socialisation – parents Mitchell and green: mom – little girl bond is definitely strong in wc people Archer: is pivotal – muslim youngster masculine identification Frosh ou al: boys talked about all their parents – mothers expressive, fathers instrumental Charles: males are still viewed as providers and females as carers Mass media:

Marsh and Millard: superhero texts

Gauntlett: magazines offering advice means be desirable – pertains to gender Gill and herdieckerhoff: chick lit up, dad lit up, mum lit up – body is key supply of identity Storey: elvis music reinforced intense masculinity


Frsoh et 's: boys identified hardness, staying anti school and...