Analysis with the Good Globe Essay

Dirty Rich

" When the wealthy are too abundant there are methods, and when poor people are too poor there are ways” (Buck, 118). Pearl Buck, in her novel The Good Earth, reveals how riches can tainted a man when there is too much of it. The perilous flaw for the main personality, Wang Lung, was held in his wants and desires that became attainable by being abundant. Pearl Money showed in her job how prosperity can tainted a family's work ethic, morality, and traditional values.

" He was even more idle than he had ever been in his life and getting idle and full of great food he grew intolerant when he experienced slept all he could sleep and done most there was to be done” (166). With so very much wealth, a person can pay somebody else to do his work. A lot of people can naturally be lazy and turn out to be so nonproductive that when they cannot have anyone to help them, they are really lost. This demonstrates how riches would bring someone to negligence and ruin one's work ethic.

" ‘If you have the silver that other men have, you may do as they do'” (178). When people have their a single cent, worldly wishes are available plus some people get caught in their temptation. Money gave an opportunity to get Wang Lung to get what this individual wanted, which in turn eventually damaged his morals. Being prosperous and capable of provide for wishes can corrupt someone's honnete if it is certainly not carefully manipulated.

" ‘Well, and I suppose that means you want to work on the land and I shall not include a child on my own area, and I with sons and to spare. ' This he said with bitterness, nevertheless the boy stated nothing” (313). Wang Lung's sons, staying brought up because spoiled, would not want to continue their dad's great values. Wang Lung highly valued his countries and also his gods over the land. His sons, not being aware of the importance from the land plus the significance of their earth gods, did not want to work as slaves and country people did. Classic values can be forgotten by the results of wealthy living.

Pearl Dollar showed in her function how prosperity can damaged a family's work ethic, values, and...

Offered: Buck, Pearl. The Good Globe. Washington Rectangular Press, New york city, 1958.