Envirnment and CSR Essay

Environment and pollution in CSR


You will find different type of pollution that affect the environment for example: Water pollution,

Polluting of

Land polluting of the environment

Noise pollution and

Radioactive pollution.

Water pollution

Water pollution is the polluting of the environment of normal water bodies for example , rivers, seas, aquifers, ponds and groundwater. Also there are some undesirable chemicals pollute water. Moreover there are many cases of water pollution one of the themes can be Industrial effluents it affect rivers and oceans. Mining and farming wastes& farming pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers its circumstance water pollution the effect groundwater. Also Sewage disposal and domestic waste its case water pollution. Water quality affects various people around the world and cause many diseases for example Wechselfieber, Cholera and Typhoid. As well water pollution influences and destroy a lot of animals. Persons should have a social responsibility to avoid water quality. So persons should reduce using toxic products by way of example cleaning material like color. Also lessen using manures in agriculture to protect groundwater. Moreover, refrain from throwing cover into channels. Air pollution

There are many sources of air pollution for instance , Fuel combustion, Industries smoke, Transportation, Unfavorable gases including sulphur dioxide and deadly carbon monoxide. On the other hand. Moreover air pollution influences a lot of people and cause many dangerous illnesses for example malignancy and Breathing difficulties. Also their affects and kill pets or animals and destruction the ozone layer. Persons should have a social responsibility to avoid pollution for example employing public Transportation or perhaps using community to reduce carbon dioxide. Also reduced use of automobiles. Also employing electricity machine avoid pollution. Noise Pollution:

" Environmental noise refers to a form of energy pollution in which distracting, irritating or perhaps damaging seems are freely audible. ” There are many situations of...

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