Essay regarding Definition Disagreement

Ivan Pyszka

Compensation. II


Definition Argument Topic

Thesis: College players who happen to be facing an injury during their season should be assisted by a consoler or a sport psychologist to get the overall wellbeing of players (because they are at risk of a psychological malfunction. ) A conflicting debate could be that athletes are always receiving unique treatment and really should be treated the same as any other college student. My personal main market that I would be speaking to will be sport organizations, coaches, scholar athletes, and just students not participating in a sport. Ways to persuade my own audience through giving evidence of my argument and also by utilizing my personal experience. I currently play football while attending college and have suffered an accident and have sensed the full impact physically and mentally. With my conflicting argument, I feel that my audience can openly agree or disagree which will make readers experience interested and comfy with the argument.

Purpose #1- appropriate physical therapy within their schedule and dealing with the pain and physical demand of their rehabilitation process; attending every practice and online games and struggling to perform well academically, fearing to lose all their eligibility to try out.

Reason # 2- The process of facing stress, pressure, anxiety, and burnout of the particular sport.

In this article I will work with much personal experience to give my target audience a more personal outlook about them which can with any luck , give a better understanding of my own claim. Also I have found numerous articles coping with college sportsmen who suffer and an injury as well as the challenges that they face.