Case Study Zero Essay

1. ) What do you consider Hagedorn's approach to controlling employee health care expense? Do you accept it? So why or perhaps you should? Mr. Hagedorn's approach to control employee healthcare cost is through providing a wellbeing facility program for their workers and also creating rules relating to on health and monetary punishments to those who have don't want to follow these kinds of rules. Through the 20% in the company's net profits for the health proper care and overall health risk assessments, the objective is to limit health care insurance costs. First, Mister. Hagedorn made a companywide wellness program which is called the LiveTotal Health program and hired a 3rd party, Whole Health Management to operate it. Next, he started pushing his personnel to take health-risk assessments and then for those who don't take the health risk-assessments to pay $40 per month even more in premiums. And for these employees who found to become moderate to high risk through the assessments and may not comply will pay an additional $67 each month on top of the $40. As we see it, Mr. Hagedorn's approach is both equally intrusive and forceful. Employees cannot claim and are required to comply with his requirements although his company has some legal rights since they are normally the one paying the almost all amount to get the rates. Employees who surrender to his wellbeing program center are forced to perform monthly examinations and also stop smoking cigarettes, drinking and also other bad overall health habits. His approach is likewise very unexpected, he simply thought about this overnight wonderful type of procedure needs a lots of adjustments particularly for those staff who had currently incorporated specific unhealthy behaviors into their way of life. His procedure in managing employee healthcare cost through making a wellness program facility and also letting his employees give up smoking and other negative health habits may also lead to certain losses in their business in terms of the work/ work force because there is possible that effective and effecient workers will be terminated because they can't cope with this type of strategy or that they can't change all their habits and lifestyles and also because of the substantial monetary charges if the staff can't follow with his rules/approach. However , the group agrees with his approach because his plan to reduce health care cost through providing a wellness software facility is known as a win-win condition, not only can the company manage to cut costs, nevertheless also producing employees live a much healthier life causes a more effective performance, increased mobility to do their jobs and also a more comfortable state. Getting healthy means cutting healthier care spending in the long run. Personnel could be more confident and proficient in building and reaching their customers and various stakeholders. His procedure is also a motivation pertaining to the employees to get engaged in fitness. Furthermore, they become loyal to the company, as they feel that the company considers all of them as an essential asset to operations, principles and cares about them. Mr. Hagedorn's approach may also attract new qualified and potential employees because of the benefits they are going to get; as a good work environment and a wholesome way of living watch for them inside the company. Also, the program Mister. Hagedorn is offering ranges via offering information to employee's fitness education and business fitness centers. These types of modes of helping and assessing the employee's wellness contribute great impacts upon both, the company and its workers. After all, the welfare of the employee contains a direct impact on the success of the business. 2 . ) What benefits and drawbacks are there to this type of wellness program? (a)employees (b)company (A. 1) the advantages of this type of well being program for employees are: •Reduce Medical Cost

Through all their wellness plan facilities, their employees could live a healthier and happier lifestyle which in turn reduces medical expenditures for employees, thus, they can cut off all their company's medical care cost in the long term. •Built feeling of...

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