Amazon Example Essay

п»їDiscussion Questions

1 ) In what techniques does Bezos's decision to produce and sell the Kindle and Kindle Fire show systematic and intuitive considering? By selling the Kindle and the Kindle Fire Amazon online. com can generate additional money in revenue for music, books, movies, etc . Earning more providing content intended for the Amazon kindle and the Fire than they do on the devices themselves.

Bezos thought the most reasonable point to sell online was ebooks. The internet gives customers to examine the ebooks, or write a book review, and it also offers those to recommend various other books and even more. Offering Kindle fire showed an advanced point of view since digitized mass media is so common today. Additionally it is based on a systematized convinced that readers will be bored with simply old ebooks. Developing the Kindle is constantly on the expand book readers interest not only in digitized books, yet other features that the Kindle fire might be able to offer as well.

2 . How will you describe the competitive risk in Amazon online. com's environment as Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers reinforce their on-line offerings? Since the competition increases Amazon. com runs the chance of losing some of their customer base. In 2009 Amazon. com sold copies of George Orwell's 1984 for the Kindle. Following discovering the fact that some of the clones they sold were sold illegally Amazon. com reached out and wiped the illegitimate copies of 1984 off their customer's Sparks. The customers are not notified before this was performed. If you buy an e book in print for Barns and Noble no one is going to enter your house and remove the publication from your bookshelf.

As long as Amazon continues to concentrate on increasing choice of products, availability of the products, cutting down prices, and providing a wonderful product and/or service will be prime foundations of its long-term expansion strategy.

3. Amazon is continually looking for fresh markets to use. As CEO Bezos addresses the strategic opportunity of delivering loading video, he calls on...