A great Existentialist Reading of “Brave New World”

Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

advancements for the ramifications of societal control. As we break through the care tape create by all those attempting to advise of us each of our future, the utopias of yesterday become the dystopias more recently. A world filled with possibilities turns into distorted by our own desire to have power and control. Even though fiction flipped occasional fact, science hype has become a iniciador to essential discussions regarding the advancements of yesterday, today, and the next day. Brave new world by Aldous Huxley details on significant

George Orwell ‘s The Courageous New World

the two texts, Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World it is crystal clear from the start the societies demonstrate a heavy reliability on express control as a way of retaining the dystopian civilizations. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four can be described as powerful display of a dystopian society under the influence and control over a totalitarian government. Orwell uses the character of Winston as a motor vehicle to explore the degree of the governments’ oppressive approaches. Through smart use of free indirect talk as the narrative

Functional Happiness

A utilitarian world aims to create the greatest sum of good pertaining to the greatest number of people. In Huxley’s society, this specific good is happiness, and government, market, and all other social apparatuses exist to be able to maximize the happiness of all members of society.

Steve the Fierce, ferocious rebels from this notion of utilitarian joy. He states that humankind must also know how to be unhappy in order to create and value beauty. The utilization of soma is definitely an example of the opposite. People take those drug in order to go on a holiday from almost any unhappiness. Mainly because they will not experience disappointment, the medicine keeps all of them from ponder and the understanding of beauty, as in the scene once Lenina and Bernard travel over the putting English Route. He sees a beautiful screen of natural power; the lady sees a horribly terrifying scene that she wants to avoid.

The strength of Knowledge

Huxley’s civilized world is a culture of best knowledge. Individuals have conquered almost all areas of scientific query; they control life, loss of life, aging, satisfaction, and soreness. This competence of knowledge provides given people great control of their community, and this control in turn features given great power to those who first envisioned such a society, and who continue to maintain its living.

However , this kind of knowledge and the abuse of power that it inspires frequently lead to downfall, as represented by Huxley’s frequent allusions to Shakespeare’sMacbeth. In Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth gains small pieces of knowledge of present and future incidents that leads him to seek more power and control of his empire. However , this kind of knowledge leads to abuse of power and is also the cause of his ultimate death. In the same way, character types in Huxley’s novel need to stay in the dark about the true functions of society because understanding will result in their ultimate demise.

Obstacle Golf and also other Games

Hurdle Golf, centrifugal bumble-puppy, escalator squash and Riemann-surface tennis are popular activities in the brave new world . What is impressive about these sports activities is that the tools needed for them is very developed and is frequently improved and straightforward to break. The explanation for this is the fact that state really wants to increase usage (cf. consumption, p. 5).

Obstacle Golfing is pointed out for the first time in Chapter 5, when Holly and Lenina play this game. The sport is based on electromagnetic technologies, meaning that the metallic ball progresses into the opening almost automatically. This self-cheating game is good for fast thoughts of accomplishment, nobody ever loses. That is important since no feelings of depressive disorder or frustration are triggered and bad feelings could be compensated. All of those other games are only mentioned in passing without having to be described in further fine detail.

Nevertheless these activities are of great importance. The occupants of the daring new world are supposed to take part in these kinds of games. That is the reason why Bernard feels guilty about confessing to not having played something that afternoon when he is asked with a girl on the Solidary Services what he did (cf. p. 89).


The device of the daring new world is dependent on production and consumption. The inhabitants of the brave new world are encouraged to enhance their consumption of mass-produced items.

First of all some demand has to be created. In addition , consumption must be held up. This can be supported by the state’s motto Ending is better than mending, meaning that people ought to buy new releases instead of restoring old items. These two elements drive the economy. It moves even that far that the children are altered to dislike nature individuals who like nature do not take in enough products. Thus, for most of the courageous new worlders the only determination for doing work is to consume more and better products. Consumption is regarded as good for society. Folks are conditioned to believe more intake means that the greater goods must be produced. This will increase the number of jobs and maintain the contemporary society fully employed.