An Research of the Physical Areas of the United States

An Evaluation of the Physical Areas of the United States


America. The land of opportunity, the united states that beckons to a lot of people, calling to them with the assurance of independence to live their lives because they see fit. As our National Anthem says, the United States may be the land of the free and the house of the brave. The motto of america, E Pluribus Unum, means from various, one. AMERICA has always been referred to as a melting pot, a location where persons from many different cultures coming together to create a unified total. America is the country where dreams will come true.

In order to understand America, an individual must first go through the physical aspects. The United States is positioned in the North and West hemispheres of the globe. It's the third greatest country on the planet, after Russia and Canada. It also gets the third greatest population on the globe, with around 274,943,496 persons in the entire year 2000. (Encarta 2000 Online) AMERICA contains 48 continental states, plus Alaska and Hawaii. AMERICA includes a rich and varied natural environment. Possessing all of the community s most productive agricultural climates, america is probably the world s leading agricultural countries. The assorted terrains have attracted many different sets of people.

America s population is definitely bolstered by immigration. The substantial standard of living associated with life in the usa has taken many different visitors to our shores. While it has brought a whole lot of good to the country, it has however led to racism. Gloria Yamato defines


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