An Argument against Mandatory Minimum amount Sentences in the United States

An Argument against Mandatory Minimum amount Sentences in the United States

Prisoners of War:

Fighting Back Against Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Jess Brock

Prisoner number 59817-079, Zulima Buitrago. She was billed and convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, despite the fact that she wasn't in possession of any medicines or money. While away at the films with her children, a pal of hers carried out a medication deal in her garage area. When he got busted, to avoid a existence sentence, he claimed that Zulima was mixed up in drug deal aswell. During her arrest, Zulima was an individual mom of two, eight-year-previous Alberto and four-year-good old Karina. Zulima was sentenced to twenty-four years, with a five yr supervised release. She's no possibility at parole, because she was sentenced under a mandatory minimum amount sentencing law. That is just one exemplory case of the injustices as a result of mandatory minimum sentences.

Mandatory minimum sentences need judges to sentence offenders to the very least term. Offenders can't be paroled; they need to serve the entire sentence. Mandatory minimums were founded with the noblest of intentions. Politicians hoped to lessen drug use and remove drug kingpins. Unfortunately, low-level, non-violent medication offenders have continued to fill up our prisons and overload our justice program. Most offenders aren't like Zulima, and are really guilty. On the other hand, the judge should be capable of tailor the sentence to the offender.

I first learned about mandatory minimums from a pal of mine. We generally engaged in heated political discussions, and one evening, we got onto this issue of mandatory minimums. The


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