Americas Demand for Liberty and Equality Pushed Battle at Great Britains Doorstep

America's Demand for Independence and Equality Pushed Battle at Great Britain's Doorstep

Once after a time there was peace between your persons of England and the settlers of the

American colonies. But as time continued and England commenced to take good thing about the

colonies this great peace left and converted into a bloody revolution which would adjust the

world. This revolution resulted the finish of the fantastic English electricity and the birth of a new

country America. Before using the fighting really started the partnership between the

colonists and Great Britain was extended to the breaking level as the Americans

demands freedom and equality.

Representation was very vital that you the American colonists. The Us citizens felt

that they had a need to be represented when concerns were raised that handled the

welfare of the American colonists. England experienced the colonists must do and act on how

they felt. To England the People in america were an exclusive gold mine. The colonists could only

take so substantially before rebelling. The Boston Tea Get together is merely one of these of the

Americans being fet up with the suffocating grasp that your British held over them.


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