A Evaluation of Sir Ken Robinsons Do University Kill Creativeness? And W. J. Reevess University Isnt for Everyone

A Assessment of Sir Ken Robinson's Do University Kill Imagination? And W. J. Reeves's School Isn't for Everyone

Out of the gets results we have discovered in the category, the closest to my thought process are the “Do Schools Kill Imagination?” by Sir Ken Robinson and this article by W. J. Reeves“College Isn't for everybody”.

On one hand, their ideas differ quite a bit, however, for me, they can be considered complementary to one another, shedding a lot of light on what seriously goes on in the present day world's educational institutions.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming most the universites and colleges do not pay enough attention (if) to the non-public preferences of the students. Education gives virtually the same knowledge, according to the chosen topics to all or any students; however, their personal thoughts on different problems aren't taken into account. Students are not encouraged to have got personal thoughts on historical problems, mathematical concerns, or philosophical strategies. They should browse the book and answer concerns in the right way using the words of the writer.

Supporting the point of perspective of Sir Robinson, I'd like to convey that contemporary education does not help develop students' creativity. It can be surprising for some people, but creativeness ought to be developed. Sometimes persons cannot think of a simple story about anything, or, in the event of emergency, it is more challenging to allow them to find an effective solution to the challenge than for those with an increase of creative minds. After graduation lifestyle for such persons usually becomes very monotonous: Work, home - residence, work. They move with the existing and fear so much any changes. These persons usually do not think about having their own


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